Reply To: My feel when I write and speak English

Hi everyone,
When I talking to someone, sometime with my co-worker and used some idioms, they feel strange and said sorry again what did you say?
thus, try to identified the meaning for them to what I mean. I don’t how to use it in my country if they are using normal vocabulary. I would figure out to break this feeling and using them everyday,everywhere and anytime. I want use it constantly with more motivation.
I really really feel relax when I learn English without thinking of grammar rules. Just I want to communicate with anyone.
Either, When I write something on my Facebook profile in English, They someone reply to me you have many mistakes in your writing and gives me some advice’s how to write well. And I feel bummed because they forcing on grammar and forget the idea what I write. I write as I want to speak that is it. They feel I am committing a sin and should learn many time before writing!!
I can compare myself where I was and now where I am . It’s very different and now I like to enhance my skills…Yeah I am sure I walk slowly but improving without stop. Before I hate any English books or any site, Now I had many books to read them for example A.J book, another children books like Tom sawyer and The Tale Of Two Cities. It was amazing story and listen to it many many times.
Sometime I feel struggle, stress and boring but watch movie to break what I felt.
That what I want to talk about it
If you feel like what I have, please sharing and how to deal with it.
Have a great day.
Faisal (My sure name) :).