Replace the text manually from youtube

Question for editing a lesson. I would like to replace all the text imported automatically from youtube to its full transcription without an unnecessary space. Now after importing a youtube video, these textes are divided by phrase. Is there a way to eliminate all the text at once and add the new full transcription (which I have) at once?


I think there is a way: go to Edit lesson, then scroll down and click on Regenerate lesson. Then you can remove the existing text and put the new text in its place.


Yes, I do this all the time.

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benscheelings, thanks so much!!! (And I am very sorry for my late reponse… ) All solved!

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Are you guys successful at this? The times I’ve tried it seems to update the web, but not the app. I’ve even seen it eventually roll back on the web as well to the original.

Will try again though! Maybe it’s been fixed.

Looks like it’s working for me again! Good news.

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