Repeating LingQs while reading texts

I’m having two problems:

  1. I can only review them while paging with the keyboard.
  2. The status never increases, no matter how often I get words right.

Does anyone else have those problems?

For #1 do you mean if you click the right arrow to turn the page, it doesn’t do reviews?

#2 is a known limitation I’m pretty sure.

No, the right arrow works, the mouse click doesn’t. Is that supposed to work that way?

If you have “Review LingQs when paging” option enabled under settings, you will see additional arrow in green circle at the bottom. When you want to page, click on it instead of on regular arrow and review will appear.

Thanks! So in the desktop version, using the mouse is the equivalent of swiping in the app and you’re not supposed to see reviews then? That wasn’t clear to me.

There are basically two ways to page. Using the green arrow button at bottom right which leads to a review of all LingQs from that page, or, clicking the green arrow at the centre/right edge of the page which is the same as swiping on mobile and just turns the page.

Btw, word status only changes when you get a term correct twice in a row in the same session. This can happen if you use the Review button in the top right corner but can’t happen when doing the integrated review between pages, since integrated review only shows each term once in a session. We hope to be able to do more automated movement in future but for now, you will have to adjust status manually in the integrated review sessions.

Thank you for your very detailed answer, mark! I didn’t know that.