Repeating a lesson

Hello! I am very new, and I went through a number of lessons, making linqs, and then clicked on complete. How do I go back and study the linqs and then mark them as learned?

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Paging lessons automatically moves all remaining blue words on that page to known. We assume you have created LingQs for all unknown words before paging. If you do want to read the whole text, you can choose the Full Text option to see the full lesson at once without removing blue words.

Automatic removal of blue words can be turned off in the Settings for the Reader. Just click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Reader. The “Move words to known” option is the one to turn off. However, this just means that when you click the complete Lesson option on the last page, all your blue words for the whole lesson will be moved to known. There is no reason to keep blue words. The idea is that you either need to learn them or they are known. (or you can ignore words).
Having said that, you can click on all white words to make them blue again and create LingQs for them. So, if you are reading, and come across a word you incorrectly marked as known or ignored, just click on it to make it blue.
Finally, you can reset your language in your Language Settings - Login - LingQ

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Make sure to check out the helpful videos on the LingQ Academy page Login - LingQ to get you started.

So is one meant to go review the same lesson over and over right away until one learns the previously unknown words? Or until one thinks he/she has learned the words/phrases? I was going through a lesson, making LingQs and then with the intention of coming back the next day to review again in a spaced repetition manner.

The method I have begun to use that is working for me is to: 1) open a new lesson 2) click “review lingqs” at the top of the lesson to begin reviewing words and learning them 3) read through the new lesson creating new lingqs 4) continue doing this through new lessons until my daily target lingqs is met 5) with the time I have left, I return to old lessons and review the lings and read/listen to the material.

I think this website is great for learning, but I do not like the heavy focus on “lingq’ing.” I learned through trial and error this just creates more yellow highlighted words without learning the vocabulary. The method I have started is helping me to better retain the vocabulary while enjoying the reading more. I also feel like I’m making progress as I see my vocabulary increase as opposed to the number of lingqs increase. I know my vocabulary was increasing before, but created lingqs is not good metric for seeing/feeling this progress.

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I am also new and trying to figure out how best to progress through lessons. I created many lingqs after watching 2 videos and am not sure now what to do. Do I go back to those videos? I thought the lingqs would appear in my next videos. It’s hard to know how to progress. confused. anyone can help me out?

Some people re-read lessons. Some don’t. The more popular languages have a lot of content and you could simply go on to the next lesson, or different content. The most frequent words you will see over and over again in different lessons and contexts so in effect you get a “review” of these words without the need to re-read old lessons.

Having said that, my preference is to re-read shorter lessons a few times within a few days. Many of the words I’m learning now aren’t very frequent so I feel getting a little extra exposure to them in this manner might be helpful. I do this only for relatively short lessons…like preferably less than 5 minutes of audio. Sometimes 10 or less minutes of audio if the article or chapter of a book is engaging enough. I don’t try to make sure I understand every word after these multiple re-reads. I think at some point you just need to move on. Some words will be harder to stick in your mind and you can really slow progress trying to get these ones to stick while you could simply move on and learn words that are going to stick easier. You will see these words again in a different context and hopefully there it will stick.

Longer articles and chapters from books I don’t bother to re-read. It takes too long and feel it’s not as productive as you are working with a larger amount of words from these.

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I am still not sure what to do with the LingQs. Even when I do not click on lesson complete, I do not seem to get back to them another day. How do I find the linqs I have made? I do not see them in future lessons, either.

You can find all your LingQs under the vocabulary tab.

Voi ei! Now that is just way tooooo easy! Thank you and thank you for your patience