Repeated errors in the Swahili ministories

I haven’t been noting them as I go but Ive been reading the mini stories with my tutor and she regularly encounters errors. Most recently: story 24,

Lazima atafute mtaalamu kwa mahojiano yake

This says he is looking for a professional, instead of he wants to appear professional. We wait a long time for languages to be added, the comprehensible input /anti-grammar approach depends on having confidence that strange constructions do make sense, eventually. Would be nice if they cleaned this up.


The German ones have had lots of errors as well, I reported a bunch of them a while back and I don’t know if they’ve been fixed. Generally I think it’s best to depend on other, external content for CI and not trust the ministories.


Yea unfortunately I have to agree with @relrod… Unless you are learning one of the most popular languages, then it’s best not to rely on ministories etc. for accuracy. I’ve reported several errors in the Norwegian ministories, but I’ve been noticing quite a few lately, and now I just ignore them. Once I’m done I’ll go straight into actual content, books etc. that I know will be correct.


I’m also going through the ministories with my tutor and we also found a lot of errors. For the moment I’m saving them so that I can bundle them in one post.