Repeat lessons until you totally learn them or move onto next lesson?

I know Steve is a big fan of volume and getting as much content into your brain as possible but I fear I may be rushing through lessons to quickly and find that I often forget a lot of the material, how often should you realistically revisit old lessons? Are you meant to eventually remember/learn all the words and phrases in the lesson or is it just wasting time when you could move onto something new?

This has been discussed extensively before. Some ideas from my experience, past threads and Steve’s videos:
a) No, you definitely are not supposed to learn every word before you go on to the next lesson. That’s completely unrealistic in most cases.
b) The “usual” course of action for most Lingq users (myself included) seems to be to review the first lessons several times (actual numbers vary) and then review less and less as your level increases. In some cases (again, I’m an example) you end up reading a text just once, after you begin tackling demanding real material (such as novels or articles). But there’s a lot of variation among Lingq users in this respect.
c) Having said that, maybe it makes sense to just review a few times even in the beginning. That’s an idea Steve has brought up recently and it matches my own experience. Here’s the relevant video:

hey thanks so much :slight_smile: I really appreciate you taking the time to write that out for me. I was struggling to gauge when to move on/when to review etc. I’ll implement everything you said and watch that video you linked. cheers!

Using the mini-stories as an example, I have found it helpful to simply go through all of them in a particular level, and then go back to them again starting at the beginning. Technically you are reviewing content, but I have been surprised how much more I understand in story #1, after I have gone through all of them and come back to it.

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Personally i do what i want until i get bored of it and then i move onto something else.