Repaired my streak, but it didn't work

I repaired my streak,
it took the coins off my balance.
Afterwards I created some LingQs. But at the end of the lesson it said 100 LingQs to daily goal. So I went to the starting page, and there it shortly shows 54 LingQs to daily goal, but then it switches to repair your streak, again!
Is there a way to fix this? I already paid the 5000 coins for fixing the streak, now they are gone, and my streak isn’t repaired…

Now I noticed that the statistics are not working at all. It’s not only not showing the lingQs but also nothing else for today: no read words, no known words, no nothing…

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There are many threads on the forum related to this already, with our explanation what happened.

We’ve identified the database issue which will require some additional fixes over the next few days or so. In the meantime, we have implemented a workaround that should allow you all to keep using LingQ. Some of the statistics may be affected at least in terms of the information displayed. All your work will be tracked properly on the back end and once we have completed our fixes will be shown correctly and be retroactively made up to date.
No streak activity or site activity will be lost. In the meantime, you should be able to use the web and mobile apps again as usual.


Thanks, yes, whatever you did, it seems to work, and shows my LingQs as 54 of 100 which is correct. Thank you for the quick help

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Will this fix return coins that were spent on repairing lost streaks? When I tried repairing my streak by clicking on the “repair streak” button, nothing happened. I kept clicking the button until I was told I didn’t have enough coins. My coin balance went from ~70k to ~3k and my streak was still not repaired.

Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to restore coins too. However, if you ever need to repair your streak, just email us and we will do that for you, so you don’t have to use coins for it.

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How are you unable to restore coins? I just paid 5k coins for each of my streaks (which did restore successfully). I’m glad to know now that my streaks are secure even if I lose them again tonight, but I’d rather not have lost those coins because of these issues.

But this person lost 67k coins??? I can’t imagine losing that many, and there’s no way that can’t possibly be restored.

Edit: I’m getting LingQs now, so I suppose I shouldn’t have to worry any longer, but I’m still disappointed I had to lose a bunch of coins.

Coins are used for repairing streaks, and for each user who lost coins, I will gladly manually fix streaks from now on, so they won’t need to spend any coins.

I understand and appreciate that accommodation. Thank you!

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