Repair Streak Button on Email Issue -- Warning? or Request?

So, I missed doing any lessons yesterday, and got an email with a button to “Repair Streak,” which I clicked on assuming it would take me to a page where I could find out how to repair my streak, and to see if I even had enough coins to do so. Instead, from that single click in the email, all my coins from my 2 languages are gone (I had less than 5000), and my streak wasn’t repaired!

If this is how it is supposed to work, I wish I could have known before screwing myself out of all my coins. I have lost some faith in how LingQ works after finally getting on board with it in the past few weeks. Feeling a bit demotivated. I am a premium member…

Can anyone address this and help me get my motivation back? I promise I will never attempt to repair my streak again! :wink:


Your French streak has been restored and you are good to continue increasing it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I still don’t understand how it all works, but I did find the knowledge base finally, so I will read more about it. Cheers!

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