Removing finished lessons from “Continue Studying”

I have a lot of lesson, especially chapters of books in my Continue Studying section. I want clear out this list, but I am afraid that I will no longer be able to access the content later. If I am reading a book, for instance, can I clear off all of the finished lessons without losing access to the book, especially if it is content that I imported myself. Where exactly does this content live?

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This is not clear to me either. Sometimes it’s removing sometimes it comes back. I hope everything will be clear soon. In my case it’s the opposite, I always tend to delete everything I can but I keep seeing things coming back or there is no way they can been removed.

I don’t think there is the delete option anymore and removing it’s deleting. Otherwise I don’t see where things are anywhere to be honest.

Thanks for the non-clarification. The organization of my content: what I have imported and what I have opened from the regular content is actually quite messy. I am never sure where to find something. I have added some imported books, which get broken up into many lesson chunks. I want the whole book to remIan in my account, but I don’t want to see 20 lessons of it in my Currently Reading screen. I hope this gets clarified.

All your imports are listed under the Continue Studying shelf, and will always be there under courses. You can delete them completely from there.

Regarding content you are studying added by other users, you can remove them from the Continue Studying shelf.

So to clarify, I can delete lessons from Continue Studying and they will still be under the courses? Even if it is content I imported myself?

No, they won’t be under Courses. If you remove your imported lesson from the Continue studying, it’s gone for good.

The “Continue Studying” section basically replaced the old “Library” section in V4. So, if you delete something from Continue Studying, it’s gone for your account. Since it’s organized based on how recently it was opened, the only way to make it disappear from your home screen is to open other content until the other stuff is pushed off the shelf. For me, I honestly like this system better. Content I regularly use is always right there, whereas stuff I don’t use anymore will be buried at the bottom, only accessible by clicking “All Lessons/Courses”. But of course, I see how that’s inconvenient for you if you like to completely delete things once you’re done with them.

You can actually shift from seeing as “lessons” and seeing as “courses”. I don’t like to see the format in the “lessons” either but you have the option to see as “courses”. In this way it should be less messy.

Unfortunately, for now, you can’t set it up as default so it goes back to “lessons” view.

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That makes sense. I have a few books I have imported, each divided into chapters. I would rather see the icon for the whole book than a mishmash of lessons all mixed up in the Currently Studying.