Removing a lesson from my playlist deletes the lesson

I removed all the items on my playlist that do not have an audio file because it serves no purpose. The next time I went to that course the lessons i had removed were missing. I created the course and it is listed as private so I know no one else could have done anything. Thinking maybe I deleted them somehow I added the missing ones back in last night. They ended up in random places on the course list instead of at the end. But I overlooked that because I’ll just read the titles. No big deal. Then I went back over previous lessons to add in some grammar notes/new lingqs since I had my book to look at so I could add in the nuances I was not getting by the definition itself. After it auto added them to the playlist, I removed them since I don’t need them. Today those lessons are gone and I know for sure I did not delete them. As a test today I added one lingq and closed out the lesson. It put it in the playlist and I removed it. That lesson is now gone. The word however is in my vocabulary list. The course in reference is the one I have with Weekly Vocab in the title. I do not know if this is course specific or if it is something across the board. All the other lessons I’ve been working on this week had audio and I don’t want to test it with one of them.


The same thing is happening to me. I’ve recently deleted 3 lessons from my playlist and all 3 of those lessons were fully deleted from lingq (text and audio).

Zoran. If you take a look at this, it’s a Norwegian course called Kokkeliv. There were originally 4 episodes. The only one left is the 4th because I never added that one to the playlist. The first 3 were called S1:E1 Christopher Haatuft, S1:E2 Astrid Regine Nässlander, and S1:E3 Halvar Ellingsen.

They seem to be permanently deleted from lingq. If you can’t find them let me know so I can re-upload them myself. And let me know if the problem gets fixed so I know I can delete stuff from the playlist again.


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Thanks for reporting this! I’ve notified our developers and they will look into it and have it fixed.