Remove video but keep audio after YouTube import

I like importing audio books from YouTube using the browser plugin for Chrome. It works great with no problems. But once the lesson is imported I don’t want the video part of it anymore. Usually it doesn’t add any value and just gets in the way. The importer gives me the audio separately which is all that I want. Is there a way to remove the video and keep the audio and the text?

Sure, on the Edit Lesson page, under Resources > Video, just delete the YouTube video link and save changes. That will remove it.

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Hi, Zoran! I’m so happy to read your reply and thank you for your assistance. I checked the location you specified (Edit lesson page, Resources > Video) but the link for my video does not appear there. Perhaps if I added manually created the lesson instead of using the Plugin it might be there?

But maybe this is due to some other reason that isn’t right with my setup? When you use the Plugin to import YouTube videos, do you see the link where you mentioned?

Ok, I tried again, to follow your steps, and then I realized my mistake. I needed to select the correct target language in the drop-down box in order to see the link to the video. Once I did that (my target language is German) then I was able to delete the link and save my Lesson edits.

Thanks Zoran!

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Great, glad to hear you figured it out. :slight_smile: