Remove Unwanted Courses

Ok as I started to use the site I added some courses not knowing what I was doing I would like to remove them. I don’t see any X’s in the course box, I can’t find a learn page.

I found these old threads but I’m sure the site as been upgraded many times since then.


For now it’s not possible to remove entire course at once, although we do plan to implement that option in future.
What you can do for now instead is to click on the Settings button on the Lessons page and switch to My Lessons view instead of My Courses. There you will be able to remove lessons and once when all lesson from the same course are removed, course will disappear from My Courses list.

I don’t understand why this isn’t already possible. Steve Kaufmann him self says time and time again chose content that interest you. But yet the site doesn’t have a means of removing courses you discover that you aren’t interested in.

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The site is really great. I really believe on its value and appreciate the core idea that pushed the founder keeping it growing.
I’ve been a premium member for years, although I couldn’t spend on it as much time as I wanted.
The database that contains our personal known words and our lingqs have always worked well.
The site is upgraded very often and some little thing remain unperfect here and there sometimes, but that doesn’t affect the value of the whole site.


Totally agree. But that being said, I really think that the ability to remove courses and lessons is essential, and therefore should be a high priority.

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