Release Notes - October 24, 2007

We’ve just made a few updates to the site. In particular, some of you may have noticed that some of the Forum posts were displaying the time of the post incorrectly. We have now fixed this issue. If you do see old posts that still show the incorrect time and are therefore displayed out of sequence, please let us know. We have also added a breakdown by language of all the Active Assignments in your account. You will now see this everywhere you can see your Active Assignments numbers.

Hi Mark, I have a problem to post Japanese in Japanese thread. When I wrote long sentences, the browser won’t show all my sentences. The middle of sentence has replaced as “…”. I didn’t have this problem a few days ago though. Would you look into it?

Hi Yuka,

Our programmer knows about this problem and he is going to fix it as soon as he can. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Yuka,

This has to do with there being no spacing between words in Japanese. In order to prevent long strings of text from breaking the layout the text is broken up with … However, this obviously makes the Japanese unusable. We’re sorry and we hope to have it fixed in a few days.

For now, if you could would just insert spaces every 20 words or so in your Japanese text, you won’t have this problem.