Release Notes - December 3, 2007

Just a few updates and bug fixes to let you know about:

* Numbers for writing and speaking you do on your own can once again be entered into the snapshot widget on the Overview page. These numbers are now kept separately from the numbers that the system calculates from your activity on LingQ.
* Only activities measured by our system are now included in the Activity Score, specifically saved LingQs, Learned LingQs, Words of Writing and Number of Events.
* The spellchecker has been fixed for all languages in the Submit Writing area. It was previously only working in English.
* The New Words, Known Words, Learned Words numbers have been recalculated and are now accurate and up to date.
* The Update calculation in the WorkDesk now subtracts saved words from the New Words that are added to the Known Words number.

There’s something strange with the score activity, unless you have incorporated my suggestion of counting forum words in writing. Is that the case?

No, we do not include words of writing from the forum. The Activity Score was not quite calculating properly until yesterday’s update. What do you see that is strange?

Well, I see almost 700 points in December, but it doesn’t agree with the formula you had published last week.
I have 168 lingqs created and 129 learned in the last 7 days and no other “accountable” activity. Even if the lingqs were all of December, I wouldn’t have so many points.

Hello Mark,
I never have the flashcards in “Overview” - is this a fault or is there a changing?

Hi Ana,

The calculation was fixed in the update we made on Monday. Prior to that the calculation included your listening and reading statistics. It no longer does which is why your score has changed.

What do you mean exactly, Irene? Can you email me a screenshot? Nothing should have changed on the Overview page and my flashcards are working fine.

I guess I still have more points showed in my overview page that I should have.
I’ll try to send you a screenshot, of this.

The one thing that needs to be fixed is on the Overview page where it shows your score and then the month in brackets. In fact, this score is showing you your score for the last 30 days and not for December. We will remove the month from this title.

you could use the same time interval for the other scores. (1 day, 1 week, etc…)

We may do this eventually but for now it will show the last 30 days. The index really is meant to be a monthly score and is less meaningful for shorter or longer periods.