Relation between lessons and the forum

On the previous version of Lingq when you were studying a lesson there where an option where you could see directly the the entries in the forum talking about some words or expressions difficult to know about the lesson, and it was very useful for students. In the lessons there were a link to ask in the forum about doubts of a particular lesson. Now the lessons are unrelated to the forum. And if you are studying one lesson you don’t know if someone has write in the forum about this lesson.

If there is a question about a word or expression, you will see a red number next to the icon that looks like a sheet of paper. When you click on that, you’ll see all the questions related to the lesson. If there is no red number, there are no forum posts about it.

Try opening a lesson via the link in the “Ask your tutor” forum.

The tooltip for these three icons could be a bit more descriptive - currently just the number is shown.

Ok, thank you Keke I had’n see it.