Regenerate TTS audio

How do I regenerate audio without deleting a course or lesson and re-uploading the text? I’ve looked through the forums and some people have mentioned deleting the audio using a trash can icon and using the regenerate function, but I don’t see those options. Also, how do I change the TTS voice after the audio has been generated, such as changing the gender? I found that after the audio has been generated, I can no longer change the TTS voice using settings. Another related question is that half-way through a book, the TTS becomes out-of-sync with the text. The text in the sentence view is not read correctly. Some totally unrelated section is read. I tried to change this by editing the sentence and related audio section by change the time indicated, but I was only able to correct the one sentence. Everything else was still out-of-sync.

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On the Edit Lesson page on the site, right next to the audio on the left, you will see an option to delete it. Then you can regenerate it.

Regarding the TTS, once the audio is generated it actually becames lesson audio and can no longer be changed. Pronunciation of individual words, however, will be affected by TTS language change.

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Thank you! I found it. Regenerating the audio fixed the sync problem.


Great, glad to hear it!

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