Regarding ebook uploads

What is not obvious when uploading an ebook, is that it appears to happen in several phases, and unfortunately, LingQ users do not have a means of tracking progress.
As best I can tell:
Phase 1: ebook is uploaded to LingQ
Phase 2: Lesson 1 of ebook is processed as a high-priority task after completion of upload. In other words, when you see the first lesson appear, the entire ebook has been uploaded to LingQ, and you no longer need to keep the upload window/page open.
Phase 3: Additional ebook lessons are added to a lower priority processing queue, and can take many hours to complete.

I welcome correction by LingQ staff. Assuming I am correct, status messages such as “upload complete” and/or “additional lessons have been scheduled for processing — this may take several hours” would greatly reduce user confusion.


That’s all correct, we will see if there’s something we can do to improve things further. When you start the upload, it will go in the backend, so no need to keep the upload window open.

This is good information. I kept trying to download an ebook and thought only “Part 1” was downloading because that’s all I could see. The remaining parts were there, but I had to scroll way to the right on my lessons to see them. I didn’t realize it would be downloaded in “parts”. So I kept emailing Zoran, causing him way more work than necessary! :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, that’s been the problem for some time now. It used to load the first lesson and subsequently load the others. Now, I feel like, it loads the first lesson and the rest only in a batch after some hours of waiting. It would be great to have a progress bar that shows the imported percentage! That’d be perfect. So, to the LingQ Team - please, consider adding it.

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