Regarding A Japanese Lesson

in this lesson> 面白い話 (interesting stories), 骨折り(honeori)

those two phrases dont seem to relate to each other at all though they are supposed to mean the same thing. the only thing i can think of is that, it could be that there is an effort made in not breaking someones bones in judo, but that doesnt explain why and how it relates to the “daily/normally” part of the following sentence. i dont know anything about judo other than that its a martial art focusing more about throwing techniques.

so id be glad if someone could explain this.

Yeah it was a little confusing to me, too. I found an explanation on wikipedia that was clearer. I think the emperor was just asking about how difficult it is to devote yourself to judo.
The point of the story is that the judo guy didn’t understand the emperor’s manner of speech and took his words at face value.


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thx very much. btw congratz to 31000 words thats pretty wow from where i am right now. makes me look forward to reaching that myself.