Regaining Motivation

I am currently on summer break, and since I had both Spanish and French in school this past spring, I was not able to use LingQ as much as I would have liked, because both professors discouraged outside resources. Now that I am not taking a language in school, and do not plan on it for some time, I am trying to get back into the swing of using LingQ (almost, if not) every day. I have quite a lot of time on my hands, I just need to figure out how to utilize my time so that I get the most out of both Spanish and French. I really do enjoy learning languages, and I don’t want to cancel my paid membership here, but I want to make it worth it.
Any tips or insight on how you stay motivated would be greatly appreciated!

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What an odd thing for your professors to say: “Only learn what we have to offer?”

It’s great that you are keen to get started on your own again.

How did you use LingQ previously? Which approach was more helpful? What could you have done more/less of?

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Definitely agree with you: “what an odd and surprising thing”. How I wish my students had the iinitiative to look for other ressources… I guess it is because I teach Maths. Not fun at all actually ;-(((

So first I’d just like to say your professors sound like fools. Always look for more than one method towards anything in life, and if anyone says this is the only way I would always be very cautious. I’ve recently had the same problems as you concerning Motivation and these tips I got really helped me.

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