Refund request please

Could I get a refund of my subscription please. It has been 60 days, I have tried 3 times to begin Arabic but it does not work for me.
Firstly, I wanted to learn Modern Standard Arabic, but the course is Egyptian Arabic, so I was not very interested.
Still I tried, but secondly, the teacher is very hard to understand when he speaks English and Arabic. I just could not follow.
Third, the lesson text is bugged. When it goes to the next lesson, the text does not update, I have to close the lesson and re-open it to match the audio. This is for every lesson. Obviously it is not possible to do this all the time when I am driving.
The app itself is also painful to use, I keep getting tutorial popups in the middle of lessons that are so annoying, and no matter how many times I dismiss, they keep coming back.
The course structure is also confusing, when I mark lessons as complete, many times it does not show and the next day I lose my progress. Sometimes I don’t know what to do then, should I do the next course or a mini story or something else, there’s just way too much stuff and its disorganised.
Lastly, the teaching style does not seem to work for me. The LingQ approach is interesting, the way they just immerse you in the language and force you to pick it up yourself, but I believe I need more formal lessons that teach vocabulary and grammar rules rather than just listening to people speak Arabic and try to figure it out myself.
It has been 63 days since I subscribed, so I am within the 90 day refund period, so I would please like a refund and downgrade of my subscription.
Thank you.

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Sorry to hear that. I expired your subscription and refunded the payment.