Refund request and questions about gift card

Hi Team,

I’m writing to ask about the refund and the gift card.

  1. Today I found LingQ automatically purchased another 12-months of membership for me, but I no longer using the service for a long time. Could I please get a refund?

2.I bought a 12-months gift card for my friend, will it automatically charge for another year subscription after 12 months?

Many thanks.


  1. No problem, I refunded your latest payment and expired subscription.

  2. No, Gift certificate has nothing to do with auto-renewal, so you won’t be charged automatically again next year.

Hi Team,
I have prepaied one year subscription.
It will finish March 02, 2023.
Is it possible partly refund the payment (1/4) and switch to free version?
It was bad choice, I am not using this app.
Thank you in advance,

@ptvrdylingq Sorry, but payment made back in March is no longer eligible for a refund.