Refund and End Premium Membership

About a year ago, I purchased a 12 month premium membership. However, I realised that it’s not for me right now so I have not been using it much although I did not cancel the membership. A couple of days ago, I noticed that I had another payment for a yearly subscription taken from my account. I did not realise I had this subscription as the LingQ payments had not been processed as a subscription at my bank and I never received any emails that my subscription would be renewing like other services do.

I am not in the best financial situation right now so it would be much appreciated if I could get a refund and end my subscription considering that it was very recent. I had already emailed support but as it is the weekend, I don’t expect a speedy response, but I am posting here too in case it can help my case.


I refunded your payment and expired subscription.


Thank you very much, sir!