Reflexive verbs and phrases into LingQs

Yes, I´m new to Lingq, enjoying the program, but still finding my way around.

Here’s the question: I come across a reflexive verb that I’m unfamiliar with, for example "me informé¨ and I want to turn into a LingQ. However, when I highlight ¨me informé¨ I don’t get a translation and can’t save the reflexive verb. Instead, I have to highlight the root, Informé – which is not what I want to save, and means something different than ¨me informé.¨

Similar question with phrases. I want to save, say, ¨a lo mejor¨ but I don’t have the option of selecting a phrase.


@PrincetonTodd, it isn’t very easy to see how to save a phrase as a LingQ. However, after trying a few things, I think I have a way to do it.

First, select a lesson, then click on the first word of the phrase you want to save.
Then, click and hold shift as you mouse over all the words in the phrase.
The sidebar will open and select the translation or enter your own.
You can then go to the card icon in the lower right, and select Manage LingQs.
Select the phrases tab, and it should now be listed.

Hope that helps.


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You should be able to select the phrase. What environment are you on? web? android? iOs? I ask because a couple of weeks ago on ipad I was no longer able to highlight a phrase. The mechanism has always been different compared to the others, but at the time no longer seemed to work. I haven’t been able to go back and check if it was fixed, or if I was having momentary issues.

Checked my ipad and it is allowing me to select phrases again. The mechanism is a little “odd” though which I’ll detail here in case this is your issue. If you are using iOS, you need to press and “hold” for a second or two on the first word. Then lift up your finger and click the word next to it (and the next, and the next, etc. …if you want longer phrases. At least that’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work. Android and the web you would just “click and drag”.