Referral System

Hi! I am approaching 400 referrals and I have only three upgrades and 245 points. The system seems a little confusing. Do upgrades only show on a certain day each month and then all the points hit a certain time each month as well? Thanks in advance!

No, you should get points right after your referral purchase membership. Are you sure any of your referral upgraded? Except the one you already got points for.

Well, I got a fourth upgrade today actually and did not receive any points. Yesterday, I had just the three upgrades.

Can you please give me their usernames? I’ll check.

It finally updated! Thanks! I am now at 2300 points. Who do I talk to when I reach 10000?

That would be me again! :slight_smile: You can send me cash out request to support(at)
Just let me know what your PayPal is and we will cash out your points.