Referral Issue

I referred my coworker who registered yesterday. He hasn’t chosen to subscribe for a Premium account, yet He used the link I provided that had the referral portion in the querystring, but he said that it caused a problem when trying to register. His account name is souyang88
. If you have questions, he can describe exactly what happened. As he explained it to me, the page re-posted and dropped the referral portion of the url. Where do I find the list of my referrals? Will I see those who registered using my referral code regardless of the version they choose or are only Premium referrals shown?

@sallen900 - I checked your friend’s account and it looks like the referrer is correctly set up. You can see a list of your referrals by clicking on “Invite” at the top of the page then clicking on “See if your friends have joined”. You will see everyone who used your referral code, and you will also see whether or not they are a paying member.

Thanks for the quick reply, Alex! I found the area to which you were referring and all looks good.