References about a web for learning as practising foreign languages with natives

Hi all,

I’d like to ask you if you have heard about a web I’ve just discovered, called Lingostan. I found it looking for native people to practise my oral French and learn some more Italian from the basics. There you can find people willing to practise (tutors) or teach (teachers) their mother tongue with you.
Is a Skype based web, registration is free (so I’ve done) and everything seems correct. You can schedule your personal meeting with native tutors or teachers and they set a price which is not bad, especially because in most webs I’ve tried people arranged the meeting but never showed up again, so I suppose in this way I’ll get some good results.

So my question is if you have tried it or know something about it. Some info! The web is

Thanks a lot in advance guys!


Why do you sorry Etudiant1?