Reducing the vocabulary list?

I would like reduce my vocabulary list from word they have status 4 and I am sure, I know them.

The sense why I want to do this is, when I have to look again to those word, I can save it with another content.

Only I don’t know if that make sense for my LingQ status.
Can this make trouble with “known words”?

There may be problems. A while ago I went through dozens of “status 4” words and degraded those I couldn’t remember to status 3. For some days my known words had a negative value.

In a way this was correct, since I didn’t know the words any more, but going through status 4 words repeatedly could result in serious changes to the known words.

Thanks Jeff for answer.
But I think it is not correct.

We will see what Mark or Jill can tell us :slight_smile:


First of all, LingQs are not connected to a particular content item. If you would like to replace the phrase attached to a LingQ, you can do this any time by opening the Examples window and copying a new phrase into the Phrase field or copying the new phrase directly from the text itself.

I wouldn’t recommend deleting status 4 words since this will affect your statistics.

I’m not sure this was meant to work this way, but every time I create a LingQ and find out that I already had that word, I reduce its status to 2 and add the new example, so I have the oportunity to study it again withing the old and the new contexts at the same time.

That’s a great idea, Ana. I also change my status if I look up a word that I have previously moved to status 4 (Known). I reduce it’s status so I have a chance to review it again. Adding a new phrase at that time is also a good thing to do.

thanks all for anwer - it’s clear now.