Reduce member status

I am going to reduce my member status for the next future. Lessons have been deleted. Still reduction isn’t possible. Remaining lessions cannot be deleted. It ought to be possible.

If you go to the Account page, you can see how many imported unshared lessons you have. You must delete these lessons from the Import section. Do you have lessons that were used by other members?

Hi Alex, I’ve deleted any possible lessons. Fact is that I cannot delete further lessons at all. I can see some lessons signed as “private” but used by other members. And yes I have lessons that were used by other members as well. By the way I love lingq but the last few months and within the next future I’ve no change with working on my language skills. So I “only” will read english written books. I will come back to lingq I hope end of this year.

Very soon we will make it possible to remove these lessons from your account. For now, would you like me to remove all of your private imported lessons so that you can downgrade?

Actually, this has now been fixed. Just go to the Import page and click the trash can next to the items you would like to delete. This will work for all lessons, including those with 2 or more uses.

Everything work perfectly. Thank you for support.

Because I wish to downgrade to free membership, I am trying to delete my imported lessons. So far I cannot delete them all. Sometimes, when trying to delete, I am asked if I am sure I want to delete, and other times I am not. When I refresh the “My Imports” page, ALL of the imports are still listed. When I try to downgrade, I am told that I must delete all imported lessons.

How do I downgrade, then?

I hope to share lessons occasionally in future. As I understand it, that will still be possible. Is that correct?

Is it possible for a paying member to change all the words in a lesson to blue again without resetting the language completely? And, if I do reset, do all the lessons I have taken disappear completely from my account as well as turning all the words blue again?

@Ernie - If you like, we can clear out your private imported lessons for you. Let us know. You can always share lessons, whether you are a free member or a paying member. As I mentioned in another thread, we have a lot of Free members who have contributed lots of lessons to the LingQ library.

@rae68 - Resetting the language will remove all your data and statistics related to that language, so you will have to start again from square one. While words cannot be turned blue again, you can still interact with words in various different ways. For example, if you marked a word as Known and want to save it, just highlight it and click on it then select a hint. If you want to ignore a LingQed word, you can click on the “X” in the status bar.

alex, yes, please remove my private imported lessons. If you’ll let me know when it’s done, I’ll continue the “downgrading” process then, or I’ll simply try again tomorrow.

As far as contributing lessons, thanks for informing me about that. It’s good I’ll be able to resume contributing (my voice has been undependable for awhile) even as just a Free member.

@Ernie - OK, you’re all set to go!

Real quick work, alex., and now the process was easy. Thanks much.