Rediscovering "Sentence View"

I accidentally clicked on Sentence View in a lesson page recently and discovered that it has become quite a useful feature in its latest incarnation. It seems that Google translate is getting quite good at translating full sentences, finding better definitions to words within the context of a sentence than individually. So, the sentence view’s “translate sentence” button will often give a much better hint of an individual unknown word, or an expression, that the dictionary hints.

If you’re struggling with making sense of sentence, or trying to move towards reading more fluidly in a new language, I’d recommend giving sentence view a look.


I agree. I switch back and forth between the two modes regularly and the Translate Sentence option very often helps understand tricky sentences and, as you say, provide a more accurate definition for certain words from the context.

I just discovered the sentence view this morning and agree that it’s a great feature. Thanks to all at Lingq!

I too find this function extremely useful.

The problem I have is that for the first 2 or 3 lessons, I can translate each sentence without problems, but after that, it looks like it does not work anymore (I very often get the message: No translation available)?

Is there a translation quota?

Do other users have the same problem?

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@dan33 - That sounds very strange. There shouldn’t be a quota. You do need to have an internet connection of course. If you continue to have this problem, let us know in support.