Redesigned Library, Navigation and Sentence Mode in iOS App

We have just launched version 4.5.0 of the iOS app - The biggest update since 4.0!

I includes the following:

All new tabbed interface for faster access to your favourite LingQ features:

  • Easily find new content on the ‘Library’ tab
  • Access your lessons and stats via the ‘My Lessons’ tab
  • Review your LingQs on the ‘Vocabulary’ tab
  • Organize and listen to your favourite lessons on the ‘Playlist’ tab

Reworked Library

  • New Getting Started shelf with a standard set of courses to follow for each level
  • Dedicated shelves showing Podcasts, Books and Media Articles

Sentence Mode:

  • View lessons one sentence at a time
  • Listen to the audio for each sentence
  • Get full sentence translations

Bug fixes:

  • User specified interface language
  • Fixed flashcard settings for Chinese and Japanese

We feel that the updates to the interface, content management and sentence mode are significant steps forward. We have had a lot of feedback since we launched 4.0 which has lead to these improvements. Please let us know what you think, and what else you think we can do as we continue to refine these updates!

when is this going to be realised for Android?

As soon as we can. We have a few other things we need to do first on Android like enabling importing but we would like to add these changes there too as soon as possible. It will be at least a few months I’m afraid.


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