Red X doesn't work anymore to remove words

I just started having the problem “Can’t unhighlight words I know” reported here:

This occurs for various lessons and in different languages. Same for this:

In addition, clicking the red X to remove a word also stopped working. The confirmation popup appears with the usual text “Are you sure you want to remove this term? It will be completely removed from your account and your statistics.”

Selecting “Yes” or “No” with either keyboard or mouse doesn’t work. The popup does not disappear as it used to. The only way to get rid of it is to click the little x on the popup. The word I wanted to get rid of still appears in yellow, whereas formerly the color was removed after selecting “Yes” on the confirmation popup.

This occurs with both Chrome and Firefox, and after clearing cache.

As for the “known word” problem reported in thread 36518, it just started happening for me today. I am stuck with yellow words that I know, and my “known words” count won’t increase.

There is a workaround: go to Tasks->Review Vocabulary. There you can manipulate word statuses and increase or decrease your “Known Words” count. The red X works as intended. Selecting the “Yes” button makes the popup disappear, and the yellow disappears from the word after reloading the page (different tab from the vocab tab where the manipulations are done).

So the red X works on the vocab page but not within a lesson. Same for making a word known by clicking the green checkmark.

I have the same problem. When i refresh the page the lingq does transfer to known though. So it changes, but i cant see it on the screen.

Thanks, that is a better workaround than using the vocabulary page to manipulate word status.

I consider the red X to be deleting the word from consideration, rather than making it a known word. The red X removes the color from the word, but doesn’t increment the “known words” count.

My new workaround based on your observation:

I now click “Yes” on the confirmation popup, then click the little x to get rid of the popup. No change is visible, but I do all the unwanted words in the lesson anyway. Then I refresh the page and all the unwanted words get the yellow removed.

However, clicking the green checkmark doesn’t work. After a page reload, the yellow word is still yellow and the “known words” count hasn’t been incremented. For moving a word to “known” status, I still need to use the vocab page, which I now keep open in another browser tab.

A screencast that documents this problem with error messages was provided by pmilone in thread Can't Change The Status Of A Lingq - Language Forum @ LingQ

The screencast is

These messages should be very helpful:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘set’ of undefined
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trigger’ of undefined

Sorry about that. This issue is reported and we are doing our best to fix it as soon as possible.

You should be able to remove your LingQs on “X” button again, this issue is solved. Thanks for your patience!