[recurring bug] importing new lesson ends up before last one

This error I reported earlier (I think beta 5.0) and it was repaired. Now it is back again.

What happens is this. I import a lesson into quick imports. Then I do a lesson edit and subsequently a change course. When the lesson is re-hanged to the proper course, it does not end up as last lesson, but as one before the last lesson.

Let me know if you need more info.

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Yes, happens a lot for me too … using Web version with Chrome.

I get round it by adding ‘dummy’ lesson first (just title and one word text), importing and adding to course straight away, then edit dummy lesson with the full content etc, that works for me as a workaround.
I also had issue where I created all the lesson content but when I clicked ‘save’, then the page view refreshed (to edit view) but showed the previous lesson, and the one I had created had completely disappeared!!!
I had to start again, and came up with the workaround mentioned just above.

Thanks for any feedback, Frank

Hi Gbonnema,

You’re right - it seems this bug is back. Thanks for mentioning it - we will fix it soon!


The bug seems to have been repaired, but … not for all cases. I noticed yesterday that if a course has only 1 lesson in it, and you import a new one into quick imports, then change course to the target course, the new lesson will still come before the existing, only lesson in the course. The lesson after that (the 3rd lesson) will be done correctly again. A boundary problem with indexes?