i want to recover a lesson that i deleted by accident.
please help me!

Can you not just go to the library and take it again?

i am not finding it again.

What was it called? Can you not search for it?

Lessons that you delete will not appear again in the Library. We suggest that you archive lessons instead of deleting them, as this will prevent them from disappearing.

Do you remember what the lesson was called? Perhaps someone can help you locate it and give you a link to it.

ohhh. that would explain the same issue I had. I deleted Steve french introduction lesson, but wanted to go back to it later but could’nt find it. That would explain why.

Here are the intro lessons in French by Steve, if they’re still of interest! :

i think it is the link of the lesson i have deleted Login - LingQ.

i can’t access it

If the URL above is from your personal library, you should be able to access it. If it’s from someone else’s personal library, it won’t work for you. They’ll have to copy the link at the bottom of the page that ends in /buy/

Do you remember the name of the lesson you deleted?

no, I don’t remember.

I’m afraid we can’t help you too much, then…