Recording software

Long time ago I used to record texts or conversations with my voice to share it with Lingq members. I would like to record more texts or conversations but I really don’t remember which software I used, and I don’t found it on my computer anymore. Could you, please, give me some names of softwares with which you like record your voice.


Hi Cecile
I use Audacity, which is free.
You can also try: Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – One-click to record audio

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I also use audacity. j;-)

Yes !! That’s it Mfr!! Audacity !! I knew that in reading the name of the software, I will remember. Thanks !!

The easiest method is to use your smart phone. Normally every smart phone has a built-in microphone and an app to record your voice. The resulting files can be easily mailed or transferred to your PC or Mac. Audacity is the best program on PCs, Macs or Linux boxes.

I also use Audacity to record my self speak to hear myself speak. Audacity is really cool software.