Recording request: Britsh and American accent

I intend to add more lessons to Vera’s diary for beginners in the English library during the next months. I’m looking for native English speakers. If you are interested in you should add a sample of a recording of the text that I’ve posted on the Exchange page. I’ve added this post here on the forum because I’m not sure if everyone find the request on the Exchange page.

I’ll choose the recordings I like best and make private requests for the recordings of the lessons. At the moment there is only a version with an American accent of my diary but I would love to add a version with a British accent too (in a second course). Are you interested? I’ll offer 100 points per minute of recording for the later recordings, and you give me permission to use the recording.

Important is sound quality, voice, clearly and not to fast spoken (adequate for beginners).

I wouldn’t have seen this if you hadn’t posted it here.

So it was a good idea to post it here :slight_smile:

Thank you Vera for using the exchange and for finding ways to make it work within our community. It is important to find people with good sound quality and clear diction for these lessons.

Posting here on the forum helps attract attention to the exchange and also makes it easier to find people. Maybe there are other ways because only a small percentage of our users are active on the forum.

I think the exchange has great potential and I want to help you to bring it up. Some refinement is still needed but in general I like the idea.

I’d be glad to help out with British recordings. I’ll have a look at your sample in the exchange later tonight :slight_smile: