Recording playback issues

Sometimes when I start and pause the recording with my spacebar, the recording becomes buggy and starts cutting up without the ability to stop it manually. I then have to refresh the page in order to pick back up where I left off. So I have to use the playbutton on the website which isn’t as smooth as just using keyboard commands.


Try to make a restart of computer. It will solve .

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Sorry about that. We are familiar with that problem and we are looking into it. Are you using the Firefox browser?

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In my case, I just tried newly installed Firefox and Chrome, which I generally use. Unfortunately, keys suddenly stop working on both. And super-annoying problem with text scrolling when pressing the space bar is also there.

It’s working so far! thankss

I just use internet explorer. No chrome or firefox.

I have the same problems. I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.