Recording news articles in the feed

The news article import feed is a great function though they lack audio. Would it be possible to set up a function where audio of these texts can be requested by native speakers and then the audio be directly recorded into lingq. Recording from a mobile phone is pretty good these days in terms of quality. Also being able to directly record the audio into lingq would save time. The biggest benefit of lingq is the time it saves.

I believe that making publicly available audio recordings of these articles would violate the owners’ copyrights. When you import the text from the feed it is done as a private import, your own personal copy, which avoids that problem.

Hi delectric,
As khardy said, imported media articles from the feed are Private for your personal use. We have to be careful with copyright protection.

However, you could request an audio recording on the Exchange. As long as you upload it for your own private use, copyright wouldn’t be an issue.