Recommended External Audio Hosting


I’m trying to host external audio (as file is too large to upload) and I’m curious what is the most popular service for hosting audio on LingQ is? I’ve tried Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and pCloud but can’t get this to work and get the error “Field “external_audio”: Enter a valid audio url”. I understand this is due to the format of the URL, for Google Drive and pCloud you are unable to format the URL to end with “.mp3”, as far as I am aware. For iCloud even if my URL ends in “.mp3” it doesn’t work.

Yes the file I’m linking to is an MP3. Yes I inputed the audio length in seconds.

Any help would be appreciated.


Why don’t you keep it on your device. or split it ?

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I’ve done that before on Apple’s music app. Problem is if I don’t complete a whole chapter of listening I lose my place in the audio and it’s difficult to find it after.

But maybe I’ll face this same problem if using the external hosting option on LingQ?

Losing the point where you left your listening the last time will have a lot less impact with smaller files. Beside listening again and again is part of the learning process.

As far as I know lingq external hosting option means you download audio in stead of listening to it from lingq server.

Good point.

With this strategy I will need to spend some time slicing up audio and text but it could work. Probably just good to do it as I go.