Recommendations for Japanese Learners?

What lessons here on LingQ would you recommend for people learning Japanese?

I ask since it can be a little difficult to find the best ones by just scrolling through the feed.

Leave a link to the lesson and let me know what level you feel the material is perfect for (beginner, intermediate, etc.).


Hey - Eric here.

I’ve been learning Japanese over the last 50+ days on LingQ and these are the lessons I’ve gone through.

Early Stages : Eating Out - Lessons 1-3 are pretty straightfoward once you know hirigana and katakana. Afterwards they become a bit more difficult.

Later On: Pen Pals - Good converstation practice between two people. Mind you, some of the topics they write about I don’t care for (astronomy, space, etc), so I skip those parts.

Bonus - Once you feel comfortable - Shirokuma Cafe is awesome. I imported the entire script and audio from animelon into LingQ. It’s a bit high-level for me but the conversation is great because it relates to everyday use. It’s also a bit funny…


That’s awesome! I will check those ones out, thanks!

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