Recommendation for Dutch Beginner

Can someone recommend which Dutch lessons/course is good for an absolute beginner? I’m looking for something that repeats the vocabulary which is introduced so I can get used to it. Also something that repeats the sentence patterns. I want lessons that build upon and reinforce the previous lesson(s). That would help me to get used to the new language.

If anyone has recommendations, please list them here. Thank you!


I think @PeterBormann might have a lot of good recommendations, including reading lists on his profile.

I know is a very popular beginning resource.


Hi Keith / Toby,

Here’s the hyperlink to my LingQ page with the Dutch resources:
Peter’s Dutch resources on LingQ

Apart from that:

  1. The Memrise Dutch courses are helpful for beginners:
    First, the community courses.
    Then the paid version with scenarios, short videos, and ChatGPT dialogues (if I remember correctly, the Memrise subscription is just 24 EUR per annum).

  2. There are also Glossika decks for Anki, which I found quite useful (after Memrise).

  3. Kim’s YT courses, which Toby mentioned, are great as well, but (as a teacher) she is too traditional for my taste, i.e. grammar-focused.
    That’s ok - but for later, not at the beginning.

  4. And, of course, LingQ*s Mini Stories. They’re a good SLA warm-up, even if the topics aren’t particularly exciting - but it’s extremely difficult to find compelling content for (absolute) beginners in all L2s. So it’s simply a game of adjusting expectations :slight_smile:

Hope that helps / good luck,


Thanks guys. I appreciate the quick responses!


Hallo en welkom. Ik leer ook Nederlands. Ik las en luisterde eerst naar “Siliva’s Lessons”. Ze zijn kort en gaan over het gezinsleven. Ik vind de onderwerpen leuk!