Recommend a second french learning method?

Can anyone recommend a second french learning method (second to Lingq, of course)? I am interested in conversation and not in grammar.



Assimil. It combines mostly conversation plus a bit of grammar in context. Feel free to skip the grammar explanations if you absolutely want to avoid them but I would argue that they are useful.

watch Extr@ TV series on youtube and then watch the innerfrench guy.
If you want to suffer, watch “dix pour cent” on netflix.

EDIT: this is for listening comprehension ^^^^^

If you mean for speaking then there is “shadowing” and allegedly “glossika” works.

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Hi, GreenGuy33!

If I wanted to become fluent in French as fast as possible, I`d combine a mass immersion approach based on Refold ( / LingQ and the resources mentioned in 1) and 2) with a program that emphasizes early speaking à la “Fluent in 3 months” , the Academy of Fr. Authentique or Italki & Co.

  1. Courses on LingQ
  1. Outside of LingQ
    a) “Français Facile” podcast: They offer many mini-dialogs and texts for all language levels on their website that you can import into LingQ.

b) Radio France Internationale (RFI), “Le Journal en français facile”

Some episodes are already imported into LingQ: Entrar - LingQ

c) The Youtube channels / podcasts of Easy French, Inner French, and Français Authentique.

d) French shows on Netflix whose subtitles you can import into LingQ.

  1. Programs focused on speaking (apart from Italki & Co.):
    Benny Lewis “Fluent in 3 months” and (later) the Academy of Fr. Authentique.

Hope that helps