Recommend a Mindmap Book

Yesterday I bought a mindmap book translated from Japanese(マインドマップ練習帳―即効!だれでも・やさしく学べる), written by Kataoka Toshiyuki, in the campus bookstore at my college.

I’ve already owned several mindmap books by many masters, including the inventor Tony Buzan. Yet, I am still not familiar with using mindmaps in memorizing and creative thinking.

This book integrates the experiences of the author, turning the massive rules into clear explanation. What’s more, he puts many interesting exercises inside that don’t make me feel boring or stupid. Imaginary figures like little elephant, bear, and robot. A lot of bobbles are drawn beside the figures in order to give you specific hints.

This book is so lovely and interesting. It won’t terrify you with art works but sweet, cute, and animating figures (that you think you may never achieve). In addition, the author has a job in IT business; if your work is highly related to businesses that require lots of ideas, you may find many valuable advanced applications in it.

Finally, I post the blog and the newsletters address of this author, 片岡俊行, here and wish our members feel they are stimulating.

p.s. I can’t read Japanese but at least I get the Chinese version. If you are like me, you can see if this book has been translated into your language. For Japanese members, these links below above are bonus :DD


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I like mindmap because they help to memorize and improve the ability to become more systematic … Do you think there is an Italian traslation of Kataoka Toshiyuki’s book? Do you know “Mindjet MindManagre Pro”? It’s a fantastic program to prepare mental maps that you can also use to make presentations (slide style), to teach and many other things, unfortunately I haven’t it but I used it at work.
What do you think about conceptual maps of Novak? Do you think they are more useful of Buzan’s method?