Recipes From Italy!

I just created a brand new collection out of my mother’s recipe’s book (which she keeps conveniently in digital form). These recipes are great, and the collection’s description says it all:

“Italy is famous all over the world for its culinary art. A recipe, from a didactic viewpoint, is very effective: 1) it’s short 2) it has very common words 3) it implies a practical part! Bon appetit!”

Check it out here:

More recipes on the way, I just don’t want to overwhelm students. Ten recipes seemed reasonable enough.

Greatr stuff Adalberto, and I will be on these when I get back to Italian, or else have my wife study them. Thanks.

@ MissTake


I added 10 more lessons to this collection. Now I’ll stop. Over the next weeks I’ll see whether people are interested in them or not, and from that I’ll decide what to do next.