'Recently Active Threads' not updating

The ‘Recently Active Threads’ menu on the right doesn’t seem to be updating for me when I click on ‘Forum’.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Be patient. The name is going to be changed to “A while Ago Active Threads”

This is a known issue and will be fixed.

@ YutakaM: you are dangerously close to developing a British sense of humour.

I thought everyone had just run out of interesting things to say :smiley:

I wondered if the thread titled “LingQチューター資格認定()” had caused damage to the BBS program. It remains on the list as if it is carved in stone.

Though interestingly enough, when you’re looking at a thread like this one, the “Recently Active” thing on the side works. It’s only when you go to the main forum pages that it doesn’t work.

I find it difficult to maintain an overview of forum without updating