Recent frequent appearance of drug adds and similar on the forum

Hi Alex, I am sure you want to prevent these advertisements appearing in the LingQ forums as much as I do. Have you plans underway to deal with this recent influx?

@Gingko58 - Yes, they are a little bit annoying! As mentioned on another thread, we haven’t thought of a surefire way to do away with this. What we find is that the spam comes in cycles, there are bursts of lots then no spam for a while. However, we’re thinking of quick ways that we may be able to significantly reduce spam on the site. In any case, thanks for your consideration!

What if there is a short waiting period (2 to 24hours) from the time people sign up to the time they can post something on the forum?

I think this is a reasonable idea, but I think 2 hours is way too long. The website is very confusing for beginners and a lot of people might want to post genuine messages in the forum asking for help. I notice that most spam posts are posted immediately after the person signs up (i.e. within minutes), so why not have it such that accounts cannot post on the forum within five to ten minutes of signing up?

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These guys are annoying but we certainly don’t want to prevent real users from asking questions on the forum when they are new and need help. There are also those who are signing up in order to comment on a forum post. These guys while annoying are not that frequent so not worth negatively affecting real users.

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