Really enjoying Lingq


So I have been using lingq seriously for a month now I guess and am loving it, I realized that with the other programs I have used that I really did not have that exposure to the language or words that you need, I now am translating from English to spanish and writing a bit and honing my skills and do genuinely feel I am improving.

I like to relax and do my lesson in the evenings, I don’t spend too long, then I listen in my dead time, anyway, I want to hear mainly from you guys and tell me how you have progressed?

Hello Turquiero,

I have only been a member of Lingq for just over a week, but I also really like it here a lot, and at last I seem to be learning. Also, what I am learning I am now able to remember far more easily which is marvellous! I come here daily, but also use the Lingq app on my phone, having both to use makes learning so much better.

I now look forward to learning properly and am quite excited!


I’m pretty new to LingQ but I’m really loving it too. I’ve been learning languages for a long time and always wanted a tool like this. I started to think about developing such a tool myself, but as I looked into it I found LingQ. I’m so glad I did.

Thank you for these positive comments. We are constantly working to make it better.