Real Spanish (TVE)


Please make REAL Spanish Pod Cast 100% (FULLY ) Taken from the Spanish Channel TVE.

I can fully understand weather vocab.on LingQ , But if I watch " Tiempo " on TVE what I understand is something like that.:

$#$%##$#$#@@$ TIEMPO @#%#%$%#$%@@# las tempreturas^&%%^&%& Sol%^&%^&%% IIoviendo%%&%&^%^& nuebes%%%^&%%%Bajo^&%^%&^%en el televiosion espanol%^&%&%

So…A full recording with transcript will really help to understant 100% of the Weather forecast without the "^&%&^%&^%^&%.

Mucho Gracias.

Here you can watch a series of TVE programs for deaf people. They’re in sign language but there’s also audio and subtitles. A weather forecast is included towards the end of each program. I hope it helps

And, in general, many programs from RTVE Play. Los contnidos para RTVE are transcribed. For example:
MasterChef: Programa 6 - 11/05/16 | RTVE Play

i love this channel many shows are transcribed .i watch many shows there i like aguila roja

THANK YOU., Ftorney.

I like Saber Y Ganar. (:

El programa favorito de mi madre, jajajajaja.