Real hyperpolyglot

A Hungarian hyperpolyglot named Kató Lomb , succeeded in learning 16 languages and also she earned money using all of them . That’s what I call a true accomplished hyperpolyglot .

And her book “Polyglot - How I Learn Languages” can be read for free:

Her method seems to be quite similar to what we do here on LingQ.


Fantastic book indeed! I also learned A LOT when I read it a couple of years ago.

Spanish lessons at Lingq

That’s the most inspirational book about language learning I’ve ever read and Kató Lomb is my hero. I have even put a link to her book on my LingQ profile!

We have tremendous advantages today when compared to when Kato Lomb learned her languages. The Internet, MP3 players, online dictionaries, not to mention LingQ, are all reasons why we should be able to follow her methods and yet achieved much more today.

Well said. We should also notice that the more we look back ,the more amazing people we can find about, like for example John Bowring, who was the Governor of Hong Kong ,and who knew 200 languages !!!
People our days always complain that they never have enough time for anything, and maybe this is a reason for why people are less amazing than then.Also I am a strong believer in the fact that the new technology ( although we need it and it is useful for our daily lives ) has a down side regarding its negative effect on our focus and memory abilities .