The location for the REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA has moved. When I tried to use it, i got this:La página electrónica del Diccionario de la Academia ha cambiado su dirección de enlace de “” por “”. Asimismo la página electrónica del Diccionario panhispánico de dudas ha cambiado su dirección de enlace de “” por “”, rogamos lo tengan en cuenta para futuros accesos y para actualizar los enlaces publicados en páginas externas.

Just thought I should let you know, in case someone can fix the link in the dictionaries section

Thanks for the heads up! It seems the interface has actually changed as well, so the term is no longer shown in the URL. We’ll look into this and see if there’s anything we can do to fix this.

Thank you Chumnutzly!!!

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem there is much we can do, so I’ve now removed the dictionary from the site.

What am I not understanding? The address I use is and that address still works.

Ah, thanks for that link, I’ve added it back now! Curious where you found it, as entering text onto the site itself ( doesn’t display the term in the URL. Nonetheless, it works so it looks like we’re back in business!

@Alex: “Curious where you found it”

I bookmarked the link several months ago, but I don’t remember where I found it. Maybe I picked it up from a Spanish forum on