Reading Words Counter showing wrong number of words?

After reading a few lessons (6-8) for example each lesson is carrying over 1000-1500 words, however, total number of words read is showing less like around 2500 words read which is not possible. A lesson of a typical novel carries over more words. Total words read should be more than just 2500. There must be an issue. Did anyone face the same issue today for their reading count? Is it showing less?


Can you please provide link to a lesson you noticed that issue with?

Hi Zoran,
I was thinking maybe I was crazy the other day, but I’m noticing this too. On possibly any lesson? I’m 95% certain I read an entire chapter of a book which would’ve typically produced 2000-2200 words read? (ballpark). I think it said like 800 or 900 for the daily stat.

I’ve not been able to read much the past couple of days so I’ve not been able to try again.

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Agreed. It was pretty much on any lesson be it imported novels as well as courses on the library like Faust by Goethe.

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I just tried reading a full chapter on the web version and the reading status seem ok. It may be that the issue is only appearing in the app? Or it’s fixed. I’ll try again later on the app.

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